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Your privacy is important to me, Mike Pietron, here at The Handy Man. Any information you enter on this website in the 'Contact Me' box is automatically emailed to me and will be stored in the server inbox. If you contact me directly by email the same will apply. Any information you give me by telephone, messaging, or in coversation will be kept for my own use only. I will not pass on any of your details to any third party without your prior consent. 

If I am offered the opportunity to work for you, and I accept, I will keep records for my own information for as long as I am required in order to satisfy the requirements of HMRC. Once the time limit has passed for this any documentation I have will be destroyed.

If you wish for me to remove your details from my records please email me directly with your request. If I have no legal requirement to keep the records I will happily comply with your wishes.

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